Session One

The reason for company

The bonds of time prove true with among your party. Through trials and hardships you find your fates intertwined your company torrable. Some with no path other than to make one for themselves. Some with paths and destinys not even known to themselfs. But all with the knowledge that neither any of themselfs could do what needs to be done alone. With this you continue your journey towards salvation, towards reason in madness, and towards meaning in life. Oh and riches and shinny things too!

Southeast of Grundercin and North of the Island of Kana lies the city of Soondor. Soondor a trade city on the coasts of the Nearel Ocean a perfect place for everything from theft, adultry, gambeling, and a reasonable amount of protection and order provided by a group of hired mercinaries known as The Gaurd. Its people consist of both traveling merchants, theives, locals, the rich and childish Lord Cameltoe and the notorious hero Duke Elgenon. Duke

Gathering of the Stones